Music Director: Denise Hopkins


At Calvary Nederland we celebrate our Savior each Sunday with songs and hymns of praise.  Our Music Minister is Denise Hopkins.  Mrs. Denise is very talented vocally as well as instrumentally and incorprates the tried and true hymns of the faith as well as newer worship music to help us focus on worshipping the Lord.


Gay Soape is our very talented pianist and has faithfully served Calvary for over 20 years.


We have a praise team made up of other talented musicians and singers.  We have a group of faithful, talented choir members who love to use their voices in praise to the Lord.  We are always looking for those who want to use their gifts to prais the Lord.  


Our director feels it very important to train up our young people to play in church, and you will be delighted occasionally to hear one of our "littles" to share their talents as well.